“As a video producer, it's reassuring to know that our aerial team are professional, reliable, safe, and genuinely nice guys to have on set.”

- Ben Fleming, Director, Colorblind Films

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CASA Certified Courses

Official aviation courses include Remote Pilot License, (RePL),  Air Radio Operator’s Certificate (AROC) and English Language Proficiency (ELP). We also offer the addition of RePL certification for PPL, CPL and ATPL holders.

Drone Training Courses

Private or group customised training in beginner’s flight, advanced flight, industry specific applications, OH&S and Duty of Care staff training, under 2Kg courses. Consulting services are available to assist in development of company policies and procedures.

Drone Flying Missions

General broadcast quality aerial footage, flights in Restricted airspace, complex or high risk flights requiring CASA permissions.

Tell us what you want to do!

Above OZ offers a unique mix of expertise in aviation, with years of experience in the film and television world. From our roots in the creation of moving images, we answered the call for aerial vision by developing Above Oz.

Now, as Adelaide’s leading RPAS company we have developed an impressive client list, shooting TV programs, advertisements and corporate promotional videos nation wide. But as the range of drone applications has expanded , we are now flying for many industrial, scientific and educational  clients as well.

With so much expertise on hand, the logical next step was to teach others in this exciting new industry. We are now CASA certified to teach the Remote Pilot License (RePL) course, so whether you are a scientist, electrical linesman, farmer, cinematographer, miner or school leaver, we can train you as a professional pilot in this fast growing industry.

Kanmantoo Mine

Explore the Kanmantoo Mine virtually!

Rotate, zoom in, fly around through this scanned environment here