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“As a video producer, it's reassuring to know that our aerial team are professional, reliable, safe, and genuinely nice guys to have on set.”

- Ben Fleming, Director, Colorblind Films

Combining award winning camera operators, state of the art flying kit, world’s best cameras and precision flying skills, Above Oz pilots can fly almost any mission you may think of.

Above Oz can supply drone pilots, camera operators, land based and aerial camera equipment, producers and directors. If you want it done, we can make it happen.

AND, we are not (too) expensive!!!

Please contact us for a quote, or just to discuss your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work can Above Oz do?
While we specialise in Film/video/TV work, we are also called on to film scientific, industrial, research, real estate and many other tasks.

What aircraft do Above Oz use?
Our primary aircraft is the dji Inspire 2 with the X5s camera. With 5.3k capability, interchangeable lenses, and a micro4/3 sensor, it can shoot stills or video in 5.3K, 4K, UHD, HD, or 720P, at up to 120fps. Other aircraft and cameras are also available if required. With more than 25 cameras in our fleet ranging from the GoPro up to the world’s best feature film cameras, the Arri Alexa Mini  or the Red Gemini, we can cover absolutely any task.

Is Above Oz licensed to fly commercially?
We hold all of the CASA Licenses (RePL) and Certificates (ReOC) required to carry out commercial work. Part of our normal procedures is creating a formal Job Safety Analysis or Risk Assessment for every job. Copies of all of this documentation is available to clients.

Is Above Oz insured?
We have all of our equipment insured against loss, but more importantly we have a $20million Aviation Public Liability Policy, to protect ourselves and our clients from any problems, should an incident happen.

Where can Above Oz fly?
CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, controls this. The table below summarises the basic rules.

Rule  Above Oz pilots
Fly for commercial gain  Yes
Fly closer than 5.5km to airports or helipads without Air Traffic Control  Yes
Fly closer than 5.5km to airports or helipads with Air Traffic Control  Yes (subject to CASA approval)
Fly above 400 feet maximum height  Yes (subject to CASA approval)
Fly closer than 30m to people  Yes, 15m authority
Fly over built-up areas or crowds Yes ( may be subject to CASA approval)
Fly at night  Yes
Fly beyond visual line of sight  Yes (subject to CASA approval)


Can Above Oz organise the CASA approvals to fly in areas that require special approvals?
Yes we will do all of the approval applications. In some cases, gaining approvals can be both expensive and time consuming, so it is important to discuss your job with our crew as early as possible.

How long do the batteries last for each flight?
Each flight lasts up to about 25 minutes, but because we carry many spare batteries and chargers, we can fly all day without running out of power.

Does Above Oz only operate in South Australia?
We are based in Adelaide, but regularly operate throughout Australia.

How many crew members are required to do your work?
It depends on the task, but the normal crew is one pilot and one camera operator. The pilot is free to fly safely even in difficult circumstances, while the camera operator concentrates on capturing perfectly exposed and framed images.

In some cases, we allow clients to fill the role of camera operator if they wish. This task does not require any license, and the basic operating skills can be taught in just a few minutes. Regular ground based camera operators love this option as they can get the shots they want without having to brief anyone. Producers and clients love it because it saves money by employing, transporting and accommodating only one person. While we can’t guarantee you will be as smooth or skilled as our regular camera operators, if the task is not too complex, we have had a lot of success working this way. A note of warning though – if you have limited background in camera operation, this task can be quite daunting and the results can be disappointing.

Another option is that our pilot can operate both the aircraft and the camera. This is only a realistic option if the shots and the flight path are relatively simple, such as straight line fly past sequences, but for many tasks it is quite achievable, cost effective and appropriate. Before opting to operate this way, the actual shots required should be well defined and approved prior to the shooting day to be sure that the task is not too complex to be achieved satisfactorily on the day.

Why should I use Above Oz instead of any other company?
The Above Oz crew has a unique blend of skills covering science, aviation, business and of course film/television. This gives us an edge in scientific, technical and industrial shoots, as well as award winning professional talent in film making. We are not radio control enthusiasts trying to enter new industries; we are using remote controlled aircraft to extend our existing capabilities. With clients including many television networks, universities and major corporations, we have the experience to get the shots you want!